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Augstkalne Secondary School

The year of foundation - 1954.
Augstkalne, Dobele region, LV-3709


Telephones: 63729459,  E-mail: augstkalnes.skola@dobelele.lv

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School principal:  

Deputy directors:  Ieva Krūmiņa
Director of studies:  Valentīna Ciganoviča, Rudīte Dude
Information:  Jānis Izaks
The purser: Jānis Kalniņš
The teaching staff:   25
The number of pupils at school- year 2022/2023:   165

     Augstkalne Secondary School is situated in a very nice place - on a bank of the lake, in the Palace of Mežmuiža (Forest Estate). The building, built at the end of the 19 th century, belonged to Count Liven. In 1884 it became the property of Baron Haan.
The palace is built in Neogothic style and is an architectural and cultural monument of local meaning. In 1981 the building of the school sports hall and the hostel was finished.
   The restoration of the facade and the roof of the school building were realized from 1993 to 1995. The school was accredited in 1995. The opportunity to acquire all the subjects  which are included in the modal plan of the Ministry of Education and Science .
   More than 70 children learn at our school from the nearst parishes, as Tērvete, Bukaiši, Ukri etc. In the year 2000 Augstkalne Secondary School and Augstkalne Primary school were united. This school  year Pre - School and Educational Centre of Interests were opened in the building of the former kindergarten. 
   There is a library, a hostel, a sports hall, two computer classrooms at Augstkalne Secondary School. Our school regularly takes part in national and international projects. About 75 % of school leavers continue studies in higher educational institutions. The best achievements in olympiads of school subjects are in Visual Art, History of the Region, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, English. Good achievements are in Dobele district competitions "Erudite" and "The Firs Aid" etc. Our athletes regularly get prizes in track-and-field athletics, sports games, orientation sport etc. in Dobele. Track-and-field athletes get good results in the competitions of our Republic. They regularly participate in the competition "Great Prize".
   Pupils take part in hobby groups, sport activities, amateur art activities. Our dance group regularly participates in the Song and Dance Festivals in Riga. Leišmales Song and Dance Festivals and sport competitions have become very popular among pupils and adults.
Augstkalne Secondary School has become the educational centre of adults in our region - they can study in the courses of computer employers, tractor -drivers, peasants. Augstkalne Secondary School organizes regular exhibitions of art and creative work.

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